My About Me Fun Side.

Some of you want to know more about me and it's in that you know kind of way. Well I love to dress up and to dance around showing off, you know the way you remember your favorite lingerie being on a silky body. I feel food should usually be involved, a berry here or there can really add to the fun. Booking me for a living model session is a fun, flirty, addition to time relaxing so don't hesitate to become my next favorite fun side thing.💋

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*This website is for the  acquisition of a living model for entertainment purposes by patrons over the age of 18, screening & appointment required. This website and it's owner hold no legal responsibility for improper use of this website in the area of viewing and will not be held legally responsible. All content for use by website, content found elsewhere is used without permissions and subject to legal reprimand. No new patron will be granted an in person appointment after 7pm unless overnight or me to you.*No Exceptions!