Don't be a Time Waster😖

So it's been about a month now since actually getting into this and I have to say, this will probably be my most important blog that no one reads; the irony is not lost. What is on my mind today, Time Wasters. Yes the dreaded time waster, you know the yeah let me eat up all your time, ask for everything personally just for me, then not want to compensate you for your time saying I have so much to give you. News flash if you were really wanting to show mutually beneficial optimistim probably would ask how can you can show that or better yet just drop a donation. Those sound like good ideas, and you definitely don't keep asking for things if you've done nothing on your part. Please time wasters do us both a favor and just don't, you are the fly in the soup and I don't like flies. *If You can tell me what this is you get one upgrade on your session.*

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