Be thoughtful, be thankful 

For most of these blogs, something to say escapes me. This one however is a little bit different. This one is about you, all of you; those who follow, help setup shoots, book time to have some fun whether on the phone, online video chat, or in person. You are what there is to be thankful for, there have been a few times where my education would have suffered if it wasn't for the generosity of one of you. So thank you, don't worry if you feel you can't make some kind of contribution you can; from following, retweeting, and looking into all the options for interaction you can make a contribution. To show appreciation for each and every one of you from cyber Monday until Pearl Harbor day all interaction will be 10% or 5mins more. (Whichever is longer.) Enjoy your Thanksgiving and remember there are always things to be thankful and thoughtful for.

Kit 💋

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